Many passions professionalism

The company Gelarte leader in the sale of products for Bar, Ice creams and Pastry

The Gelarte ensures a punctual and efficient service

What makes the difference

The company since 1988 has Gelarte alongside ice cream makers and confectioners. with the experience of its founder Francesco Quinzi that in addition to select and propose the best semi-finished companies

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Service and timely weekly delivery in the regions Marche and Abruzzo.

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Our training program is implemented in collaboration with the best teachers of the sector ready to teach the finest techniques or the simple basics of ice cream

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A wide range of flavoring pastes with a basis of cream and fruit, produce genuine products ensuring the consumer an excellent product

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About Us

The company Gelarte leader in the sale of products, equipment and furnishings for Bar, Ice creams and Pastry


Always on the side of ice cream makers and pastry chefs.

The Mission of Gelarte outset is to provide quality products and professional support.




1Point of Sale Analysis

2Business Plan

3 Organization and Development

4Technical assistance and coaching of the goodwill of the point of sale with technical specialists
            in production of ice cream

5 Staff training

6Timely and weekly delivery service in the regions of Marche and Abruzzo.


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